Schedule Control

As most important part for plant construction, we are proudly able to provide PMS(Progress Measurement System) and PSR(Progress Status Report) which are systematic and logical data to foresee upcoming risk to make schedule conflicts and mitigate those schedule risks simultaneously. With this objective approach to avoid schedule lagging, PMC lead whole related works for progress measurement and coming payment step.

Milestone planning is one of the most important aspects of project planning, because project milestones are the most visible indicators of project progress. Milestones typically mark critical decision points, quality gate sometimes, the completion of major project tasks and the ends of various project phases. Senior stakeholders who are not involved in the project on a daily basis become more engaged and attentive as milestones approach.

Once you’ve defined your milestones, the next step is to determine how you’ll share milestone information with your team members and other stakeholders in more clear way of communications. Because without clear page to share, we are not able to build firm structure of PM and its schedule management skills.