Company Introduction

Company Introduction

First of all, Appreciate your step to visit us on webpage.

Since early 2000, Many of manufacturing companies were knocking on door to central Europe where are presenting as 4 countries such as Czech, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. A decade ago, Many of Korean manufacturers had penetrated into central Europe market and heading to west and east Europe as pioneer’s base in Hungary and Poland, and now its wave to visit to central Europe are rapidly getting higher for EV business year by year especially.

However, Settling down of manufacturing business in foreign country need to build factory up in local territory as pre-condition to knock the market, so that it is necessary to obtain local knowledge and previous lesson in order to eliminate risks as well as trial error that would happen in many cases. But as you know, local knowledges and intelligences for central Europe are always lacking to compare with China either South East Asia.

Plantech Europe Kft has established in Early 2020 for serving clients in terms of project management & consultancy as one of frontier in Hungary and Poland, executes supporting work for construction of plant and factory based on complete understanding toward customer’s requirement and needs over the Design, permit and building work with full ownership delegated from client.

We, Plantech Europe Kft. are willing to step together with customers who has plan to kick off local business successfully as full-time supporter

I’m grateful for your visit on our homepage again, looking forward to see you soon

Choi, Sunghee Andy

Chief Execute Officer of Plantech Europe Kft.

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