Interface is not a permitting, however refers to an administrative procedure and contract with an external supplier or company for the use of utilities required for plant operation. These points are touched in the building permit process, but whether they are used or not is a topic to consider individually, and this also affects the schedule and construction cost (especially, schedule).

As mentioned earlier, the site may not be supplied at the point when infrastructure such as all utilities is completed, so a preliminary investigation is very important.

Various Interface points are following as below


Hungary’s electricity supply network is divided into five districts, where are operated by two private companies. Therefore, although there are multiple power supply companies, each of them occupies the electricity supply network by regional section, so in the reality, it is no harm to think it as a monopoly company such as Korea’s ‘KEPCO’.

The problem either trouble would be happened that the electricity supply may not be in placed in a timely manner as the client wants. It will depend on the amount of electricity requested, usually it might take about a year from application to supply to factory, which is more important than building permits for plant operation.

Especially if a site where has NO electricity supply network, there may be increased unexpected construction costs that is power supply inlet to site, also the administrative procedure is sluggish so that it is necessary to check whether the electricity is supplied from the time-line of site selection. This is so crucial for plant that use large amounts of electricity, and future extension should not be missed.

Water, wastewater, sewage, rain water

This is under the jurisdiction of the local government authority where the site is located, and it is handled depending on the capacity of the main facility owned by the local government, and especially in the case of wastewater, it is going to be sensitive.

Since Hungarian industrial complex does not have a wastewater treatment facility like Korea, in some cases, it may be necessary to install a wastewater treatment plant on the site by client

In the case of water for plant, if there is no supply facility nearby, groundwater may be used. Therefore, it is one of big question to review in advance whether the capacity for operation is sufficient or not.

Natural Gas

Natural gas, which is mainly used as a boiler heat source, has a pipeline supply network from gas by regional sector. Hence supply plan to plant must be confirmed by contacting the supply company in advance

Other Gas and Chemicals

For N2, O2, Ar, He, and H2, which are widely used in industrial plants, multi-national companies such as Air Liquid, Praxair and Messer, have own factories in Hungary.

However, since distance from supply network to the site and the guaranteed amount to use per year are factors that determine cost and the contract condition. This must be considered and finalized after sufficient negotiation in advance.